Programme 2022

Short English version of our election programme:

Dear voter,
Onafhankelijk Delft is a city party that is committed to the inhabitants of Delft.
Onafhankelijk Delft exists since 2006. In 2018 we had five city council seats, which proves that more and more inhabitants of Delft know how to find the party and choosing change. We are so proud!
Onafhankelijk Delft can fully focus on the concerns that play a role in Delft because Onafhankelijk Delft is not affiliated with the ideas of national parties that have established themselves in The Hague. For residents who come from outside the Netherlands, it is therefore important to look at city parties that operate at a local level.
As a local city party, we meet people who experience problems that are often not listened to by the municipality. We stand up for these people and Onafhankelijk Delft ensures that rules are adjusted to be able to offer better help in the future. Therefore, choose wisely for the next four years and choose local policies that are based on the wishes of the residents of the city. Not what is considered important nationally. Dear resident of Delft, make a difference!

Onafhankelijk Delft has a number of pillars that we will work on in the coming board term 2022-2026. These points are intended to provide you, as a voter, with a quick overview of the views of Onafhankelijk Delft. However, this does not mean that other topics or certain themes are not important or do not have priority. Onafhankelijk Delft is, as many know, the party you can turn to with daily problems that you encounter in our municipality. Even when a problem does not fall under one of our pillars.
Following a number of pillars of Onafhankelijk Delft, electoral list 4!

  •  freedom of expression and integrity and transparent governance
  •  participation of residents, citizen participation
  •  inclusive society, where everyone is equal
  •  good and affordable housing
  •  digital security and the protection of personal data
  •  combating online bullying
  •  more and better sports facilities
  •  safety on the street
  •  good street lighting
  •  Outdoor swimming pool
  •  clean recreational water in Delftsehout
  •  animal welfare
  •  investing in neighbourhood and community centres
  •  supporting the Delft entrepreneurs
  •  combating loneliness
  •  caring for the elderly of society
  •  free public transport for pensioners
  •  establishing a richer nightlife
  •  taking a stand for the younger citizens of Delft, don’t leave them out
  •  tackling nuisance